Parent and Teacher Training

As part of the academic packages, we provide training to teachers and parents. 

Math Class

Parent Training

Helping children with homework can be really challenging when the strategies and language used in schools now is so different from when parents were in school themselves.  You Tube can be useful but it can leave parents guessing or spending a long time trying to figure stuff out. 

We provide non-threatening training for parents relevant to the age of their child.  The feedback we have received shows that parents feel empowered to help their child once they have undertaken the training.  The increased parental engagement and involvement has a significant impact on the child's academic progress.  

These workshops are usually organised by the school or by parents themselves.

Training in Schools

Our expertise and experience is shared with teachers to help improve teaching standards and ultimately increase impact on learning.  We offer 1:1 or year group support; coaching teachers when planning, delivering lessons and assessing learning.  The training programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the teacher. 

Training in Further Education

Trainee teachers are offered support with subject knowledge and teaching pedagogy within maths and English.  These sessions can be arranged by the teaching establishment or by students themselves. We offer specific advice on areas being taught or general advice on achieving outstanding teaching and learning.