Parent and Teacher Training

As part of the wellbeing packages, we provide training to teachers and parents. These can be tailored to work alongside projects the children are involved with or as stand alone CPD or training.  Our training focuses not only on how teachers and parents can support the children but also on how to support themselves.



Parent Training
1:1 family
In these sessions the parents learn alongside the children.  This inclusive approach ensures the learning from the sessions can be fully implemented in day to day family life.  Behaviour management and parenting strategies can be explored to suit the needs of the child, in a way which involves the child.  We find when the child and parents work together, the impact is greater and the approach is far more sustainable. 

We work with groups of parents in communities. These are organised through community groups or on a 'sign up' basis. The workshops are advertised on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The sessions focus on either PARENT WELLBEING, SUPPORTING THE CHILD or an amalgamation of both foci. 

Training in Schools
Our approach to supporting wellbeing compliments a therapeutic approach to behaviour management. We offer CPD to support all staff. 

Project Training
This programme gives school staff the knowledge and skills needed to offer support for the children taking part in our wellbeing projects.  When the school staff are 'on board' and trained appropriately they are able to implement the learning throughout the project and continue this when the project finishes.  When measuring impact of the projects we run, staff training is a significant factor for increased impact.  It also allows for longevity of the project, increasing it's value.  

Wellbeing Support for 'ME'
These workshops focus of staff wellbeing. We are aware of the importance of a happy working environment which feels healthy and safe.  The key to this is understanding how to look after our own wellbeing at that of others. The workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the school and focus primarily on building a tool kit of techniques and strategies to support good wellbeing and mental health.

CPD - Supporting Children 
This gives school staff a great opportunity to learn ways to support children's wellbeing and mental health.  Teachers learn strategies to promote healthy habits, resilience, self regulation and to help children respond to challenges in a healthy way.

Training in Further Education
Wellbeing Support for Me!
Trainee teachers are offered support for their own wellbeing and mental health. In order to manage stress and anxiety students need to learn tools and techniques to empower them to be responsible for and manage their own mental health. As teachers ourselves, we appreciate the importance of this when ECTs (Early Career Teachers) are going into their first year of teaching. 

CPD - Supporting Children
Sessions are offered to trainee teachers on the BAed, PGCE and School Direct Programmes.  The training complements the core framework within the Professional Study modules.  We also offer art subject specialism sessions focusing on mindfulness in art.