We deliver whole class, small group and 1:1 mindfulness meditation programmes to support ALL children in the primary phase.  The programme is designed to teach the children mindfulness meditation techniques, basic neuroscience and proprioceptive activities. The programme combines physical and mind-based exercises to support a calm body and mind. The children develop knowledge and skills about how the brain and mind works; how to self regulate and make wise choices; train and manage the mind; maintain healthy relationships and sustain concentration.

We have experience working with children on the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities register and those in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant.   

Our teaching helps schools to provide a 'wide range of learning opportunities to support physical and mental health'.  The adults learn alongside the children ensuring the learning continues after the programme has finished. This provides provisions for the children which are sustainable, as advised by the Department of Education-Sports Premium for primary schools.  


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