Mindfulness for children in schools

In Schools:

We deliver whole class, small group and 1:1 programmes to support ALL children in the primary phase. Some of our project are also available to young people in secondary school and children in nursery.  

We have experience working with children on the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities register and those in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant.   

Our teaching helps schools to provide a 'wide range of learning opportunities to support physical and mental health'.  The adults learn alongside the children ensuring the learning continues after the programme has finished. This provides provisions for the children which are sustainable, as advised by the Department of Education-Sports Premium for primary schools.  

At Home:

Imagine a home life where children can pay full attention; make wise choices and can regulate their emotions. We all want our children to live the happiest life possible and knowing the 'right' support to give as parents can be difficult.  Mindful Brain teaches strategies and techniques to help children cope with what life presents.  From supporting children with anxious behaviours, low confidence and self esteem, dealing with exam pressures, coping with parents splitting to helping them deal with conflicts with others.  We provide an approach where children and their parents learn together.

We offer a range of programmes:














As part of the wellbeing packages, we provide training to teachers and parents! These can be tailored to work alongside projects the children are involved with or as stand alone CPD or training.  Our training focuses not only on how teachers and parents can support the children but also on how to support themselves. 😊


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