Yoga for kids

Yoga in Schools

Yoga for children in schools

We work in partnership with nurseries, primary and secondary schools.  The programme has an option to offer CPD to teachers - encouraging teachers to provide opportunities for the children to use the movement and breathing exercises throughout the day to support learning and concentration in all areas of the curriculum.  Primary state schools are able to fund these sessions through the Sports Grant.

We work with whole classes, groups or selected children. For example, a recent project has involved working with teenage girls with anxious tendencies and children who lack confidence. 

Our sessions can be organised as part of the curriculum or as an extra curricular activity before or after school or during the lunch hour.  The extra curricular activities can be funded by the school, PTA or parents.


Already signed up for a yoga project in schools? Click the images below to find out what to expect. 

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Yoga in the Community

Kids yoga in the community
Yoga in the comminity
Family yoga- parents and children

Kids Yoga Club/workshops: Kids Yoga clubs and workshops are offered as weekly sessions and one off workshops.  Get in contact to find out where and when!

'Dual' Adult/Kids Yoga Sessions: We team up with other Yoga, Pilates or Fitness Instructors to offer dual sessions.  We hire venues with adjacent rooms.  The adults workout with one instructor/teacher, in one room, whist the children take part in a yoga session with us!  We began this set up as a way to provide opportunities for both parent and child!  Get in contact to find out where and when!

Kids Yoga Birthday Parties: Our parties are fun, full of yoga games and great for the body and mind. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more!

Family Yoga sessions: We provide whole family sessions in the community where time together is treasured.  The focus of the session is connection and bonding. The sessions are fun, playful and for all levels of yoga.   An opportunity for adults to play with their children and act like a 'big kid'. Something every child loves!

Yoga for Teens: We provide session for teenagers.  Teenagers take part with their parents, siblings or friends. We also work in collaboration with dance schools and football teams offering yoga to compliment training programmes.