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Nurture          Optimism          Creative        Partnership       Adaptable

Nurture          Optimism          Creative        Partnership       Adaptable


Getting to know Mindful Brain...

We are here to give all children, young people, their parents and educators the knowledge and tools to build emotional resilience; empowering them to lead a happy life.

We work in partnership with families and education establishments who value mental wellbeing and are ready and committed to create something new.

We believe, with the understanding of our mind and body, helpful thinking, language and behaviour patterns and the learning of helping coping strategies, we are empowered to positively influence everything we do. This encompasses our ability to learn, respond to emotions, make decisions, build relationships and navigate challenge. 


We cultivate a nurturing environment which achieves mindset shifts and self-awareness, unleashing the potential to achieve what you really want and deserve; living a life you love. 

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Mindful Brain is based in Reading, Berkshire, England
We are prepared to travel. 

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