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Nurture          Optimism          Creative        Partnership       Adaptable

Nurture          Optimism          Creative        Partnership       Adaptable

Fostering a Love of Learning

Our academic programmes centre around lifelong learning skills. This unique approach builds confidence, cultivates a growth mindset and develops a learning attitude which embraces challenge and feedback.  We consistently see the profound impact this has on academic progression and performance.  The importance of education is to foster a love and thirst for learning and that's our goal for all we work with.

Sessions with Children in the Primary Phase


Duration: 1 term (minimum)

When: During school hours, before or after school


  • 1:1

  • Small groups of 2 or 3 children

How do I select participants?

  • Children who lack confidence, have anxiety around maths or English or who's learning attitude creates a barrier to learning 

  • Children who, with a little extra specialist support, would 'meet'  or 'exceed' the year group expectations 

  • Children who are on the Pupil Premium register 

  • Children who are neurodiverse 

  • Children who have been impacted by COVID 19


  • Time: Proactive communication with the class teacher and support assistant to ensure the successful implementation of learning from the sessions to the classroom

  • Financial: A proposal to meet the needs of the school and a quotation is shared on request. 


Duration: Ongoing (reviewed termly)

When: Outside of school hours 

Who:Children in the primary phase

How do I know this is right for my family?

  • Your child would benefit from support in their learning

  • Your child would benefit from an approach which meets their learning style, interest and needs

  • Your child would benefit from a nurturing, positive and safe environment to learn

  • Your child would benefit from specialist support to boost confidence and reduce worry around academic challenges 

  • You desire for your child to cultivate a learning attitude to support life long learning beyond the primary phase


  • Time: Proactive communication with the parent to support the child completing follow up learning activities; feedback on learning attitudes and the sharing of school assessments & targets

  • Financial: Session costs vary depending on focus and whether they are online or face to face.


Training for Educators & Parents

Education Settings

Katie's expertise and experience as a leading teacher, specialist leader of education, former head teacher and lecturer & tutor at the Institute of Education (Reading University) is shared with teachers and trainees to improve teaching standards and ultimately increase impact on learning. 


We offer 1:1 or year group support, coaching teachers (whether an ECT, ECT+1 or an experienced teacher) when planning, delivering lessons and assessing learning.  The training programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the teacher/s.


Higher Education: 

Trainee teachers are offered support with subject knowledge, pedagogy and teaching behaviours conducive to learning.  These sessions can be arranged by the higher education establishment or by students themselves. We offer specific advice on areas being taught or general advice on outstanding teaching and learning.


Helping children with homework can be challenging when the strategies and language used in schools now are so different from when parents were in school themselves.  You Tube can be useful but it can leave parents guessing or spending a long time searching for answers!  We provide non-threatening training for parents, relevant to the age and stage of their child. 


The feedback we have received shows that parents feel empowered to help their child once they have undertaken the training.  The increased parental engagement and involvement has a significant impact on the child's academic progress.  


These workshops can be organised by the school or by parents themselves.

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